How much TIME/MONEY will I save?

If you want more free time to pursue your passions, PrintBox is perfect for you.

To make your life even easier, we have developed this handy calculator to help you visualize your potential time and money savings when you outsource your deliverables with PrintBox. 

You can calculate the exact cost of the box by using the ordering form


Will my client see the cost of the box or your branding?

Within the European Union and the United States we will not add any paperwork to the package. However, if you are located outside EU/USA, it is our duty to attach a commercial invoice. Please contact us for details. 

We do not brand the boxes with the logo. There may, however, be the logo or details of our parent company QTAlbums on some of the paperwork included in the package. However, please rest assured that the QTAlbums website does not disclose any pricing to the public and you should feel free to set your own price for our products.



Within United States, your packages will be delivered with USPS or Fedex. Within EU we ship with UPS Ground. Packages shipped outside EU and USA will be shipped with best available courier services. We do not ship with postal services between countries - it's a gamble. 


What is the turnaround

We reserve up to 14 business days to print and ship your order. If you are in a hurry, please consider choosing the RUSH service. Rush service costs 20USD/15GBP and your order will ship in 5 business days. 

2018 Christmas Deadlines

To secure delivery before Christmas 2018, please order your printbox before:

27th November 12:00 CET (all print types) - Regular Turnaround

December 2nd 12:00 CET - Express turnaround (+40%)



Don't you hate when a brand new USB is dead on arrival? This happens to low quality electronics from Asia. We make our own drives based on A-grade chips and since we copy the files to the drive, there is no chance of your clients receiving a bad drive.  Should your drive fail, please contact us. 


WHICH paper do you use?

Our base paper is a fantastic Fuji Crystal Archive DP2 (Lustre) but you can upgrade to Matte Cotton Rag or Deckled Edge Prints. All prints are printed by QtAlbums - leader in fine art printing in Europe. 


How many prints will FIT IN A BOX?

The PrintBox will fit up to 150 Fuji Lustre prints.

Want more? We do custom linen boxes! Please contact us for details. 


How should I transfer the files?

We recommend uploading your files to dropbox. Create a shared folder in which you will make two folders named TO_PRINT and TO_USB. Then paste the link to the order form. It's that easy! Please read more about how to prepare files in this handy tutorial.


How to prepare my files for printing

Our boxes fit 4x6" prints in 3:2 ratio which is typical for dSLR cameras like Canon 5d,7d,1d or Nikon d700/800 etc.

If you want to order files from 4:3 ratio compact cameras or smartphones, you need to crop them before submitting them. Please use our lightroom tutorial for instructions.

We happily offer a custom option for clients who require a different size - please contact us for a quote as we will make a special box just for you.