We've made the ordering process fast and easy. We know how busy you are!



As standard we print photographs on 4x6" (10,2 x 15,4cm) paper. This means that your images must be in 3:2 ratio. If you shoot on dSLR like Canon 5d/6d/7d/1d... or Nikon d700,d800,d850.. or Sony cameras - you are good to go! 

If you shoot with Iphone, Compact cameras or use scanned files from medium format cameras, you need to either crop them to a desired 4x6" file with this lightroom tutorial or ask us for a custom sized box.  

If you send us files with bad proportions, we WILL PRINT them and crop on our discretion! No claims can be made regarding cropping quality. 



Now, if you have the files ready. You need to group them into two separate folders:

TO_PRINT - we will physically print prints from this folder. If you upload more files that the number of prints declare in the ordering form, we will print only the declared amount in alphabetical order.  

TO_USB - we will copy all the files to the main directory of the usb. You can create subdirectories here. 

Copy them to your DROPBOX account (it's free to use!) and copy the link to the entire parent folder which TO_PRINT and TO_USB folders are located.

Parent folder should be named after your clients with your email like "Box for Anna & David". This will help us a lot to manage orders :)



Only after all files have been synced with your dropbox, please fill the ordering form and make a payment. It should not take more than 10 minutes provided that the files have been uploaded. We will take it from there :)

We believe that you can integrate dropbox with your Lightroom workflow so that you prepare files for PrintBox.Direct upon rendering hi-res images from your sessions.