Fuji DPII Lustre

Fuji DPII Lustre is a traditional semi matte paper, very smooth to the touch. This paper has a slight sheen when viewed at an angle. Great for every type of photography.  

Due to an extra weight of this paper it is so lovely to handle.

We print them on top of the line photo lab which is calibrated several times a day to ensure perfect colour reproduction.

Fuji DPII is rated not to start fading in 50-70 years when stored in box. 


Cotton Rag - Fine ART

Fine Art Prints (also known as Giclée Prints) are printed on acid-free archival paper with a pigment ink which produces stunningly rich colours, subtle gradations and true black and white images thanks to 4 dedicated black inks!

Typically in museums for art reproductions, this gorgeous printing process is now available to you so that you may create truly timeless heirlooms which will not fade for 200 years or more when stored in a box/album. Read more.

We print on 300 gsm acid free cotton rag that has a gorgeous, slightly textured surface.

Prints are available with straight or beautifully deckled edges.